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The Definitive Guide to Arm Injuries in Montana

Easily the most overlooked personal injury caused by car accidents are arm injuries. A car accident can cause such trauma to a victim that they don’t immediately understand the brunt of the injuries they suffered until days or possibly weeks after they were first injured. In fact, victims might find that their usual routines, like housework or daily exercise, are now too difficult, if not impossible to do on a regular basis.

While most injuries caused by car accidents are to the neck, back, and to the head. Injuries to the hands, arms, and shoulders, however, are easily overlooked despite their severity and the difficulty they cause victims. Despite the fact that such injuries don’t typically cause permanent paralysis or, worse, death, such injuries frequently cause victims chronic pain that can negatively impact their quality of life. The following is a list of the most common arm injuries not only caused by auto accidents. If you’ve suffered an arm injury due to a personal injury or a car accident then this guide is for you.

Strains and Sprains

The most common personal injuries to the arm that car accident victims face are basic strains and sprains. The Mayo Clinic defines a strain or sprain as the “stretching or tearing of ligaments.” Typically, strains are classified due to their increasing severity from Grade 1 up to Grade 3. Since auto accidents are known to violently jerk and toss victims about in unnatural ways, strains and sprains are a common injury for victims to suffer.

Personal injury victims who suffer strains or sprains to their elbows, wrists, or shoulders often experience excessive swelling, deep bruises, and a reduced range of motion. The most effective treatment method is to deploy the R.I.C.E. treatment. Rest. Ice. Compression. And Elevation. Given enough time, the symptoms of strains and sprains will typically pass on their own if you do not re-injure the affected areas. If your symptoms persist, however, you should visit your doctor as soon as possible for further treatment.

Breaks and Fractures

Another common personal injury to the arms caused by car accidents are broken bones and fractures. Broken bones resulting from a car accident often occur to the hands or wrists due to the fragility and complexity of these body parts. Another reason is the extreme forces placed upon the human body during a car accident. Auto accidents are violent incidents which toss victims about as if they were in a clothes dryer. During the throes of an accident, it is common for victims to instinctually grab at the steering wheel or to try to shield their face with their arms to protect themselves. Such behavior can leave victims with fractured wrists, crushed fingers, and broken arms.

Depending on how severe the car accident was, victims might potentially need a protracted recovery period, even needing slings and casts to properly heal their fractured bones. Some unlucky personal injury victims may even need to have surgery to their arms, hands, or shoulders in order to fix the extensive injuries they’ve had to endure.

Dislocated Joints

A dislocated joint is another serious personal injury victims often report suffering after a car accident. Arm joints are especially important since they literally act as the glue for the bones in the hands, arms, and shoulders. Dislocated joints are not only deeply painful injuries, they can leave victims with a limited use of their arms or even able to use their hands.

Victims who have suffered an arm joint injury from a car accident or from a personal injury do not seek out medical treatment immediately they then run the risk of causing long-term damage to their ligaments, nerve cells, and even their blood vessels. A dislocated joint should not be ignored and left untreated. If you are a car accident or personal injury victim who has suffered a dislocated joint, you should make an appointment with your doctor immediately so you can prevent further damage.

Torn or Ripped Ligaments

Whenever ligaments in the arm are ripped or torn due to a car accident, serious damage is done to the bodies of victims. In fact, torn ligaments are so dangerous for personal injury victims that such injuries are commonly classified as a grade 2 injury. Ligaments are the connective tissue in the body, so when they are torn or ripped victims experience excruciating pain and can even lose basic functions in their shoulders, hands, and arms. Some injuries might even be so severe that car accident victims lose all feeling in their limbs. If you are a victim of a personal injury or a car accident who has a torn ligament then you will need to see a doctor immediately. Torn ligaments will only gradually get more painful and problematic the longer they go untreated.

Tendon Damage

Easily one of the most painful personal injuries one can experience following an auto accident is to the tendons in the arm. A tendon injury is so painful, in fact, that they are classified as grade 3 injuries. Tendons are the elastic webbing that connects the muscles in your arm to your bones. The pain from a tendon injury, especially after a car accident or personal injury, can not only be extremely painful but also chronic, lasting for weeks or even months at a time. Injured arm tendons often swell and become inflamed due to a condition called tendonitis or tendinitis. If you suspect you may have tendinitis you should schedule an appointment with your medical provider immediately.

Arm Injury Legal Compensation in Montana

If you live in Montana and have an arm injury caused by an auto accident or from a personal injury caused by the negligence of another person, then you run the risk of racking of mountains of medical bills to get the treatment you deserve. What you need is an experienced injury attorney to help you fight for the legal compensation you deserve. Don’t worry. When you hire a personal injury lawyer with the Montana Advocates, you are getting a trusted ally who will help you get back on your feet again.

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