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Top 5 Social Media Mistakes in Injury Cases

Nowadays, it is a rare event to meet someone who does not have a Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram account. In the space of a single decade, it seems the entire world has joined the online social media phenomenon. Social media is a great way to stay connected to friends and family, keep up to date about local and international events, and express yourself in creative ways. Social media has truly revolutionized the human condition.

A rather essential detail far too many people overlook when they post content on their social media accounts is that they are doing so in a public forum. Every selfie, life observation, and political critique you post is freely accessible to the entire online community. While most people could care less what others see on their Facebook profiles, social media can pose complications for those involved in a personal injury case. Posting the wrong information can cause problems and even jeopardize your chance of fair settlement. Here are the top 5 mistakes personal injury victims make with their social media:

Social Media Mistake #1: TMI (Too Much Information)

While it may be tempting to share updates about your injuries and the status of your case, it is best to restrain yourself from posting much of anything on social media. At least until your case settles. The last thing you want is to give the at-fault party ammunition to use against you in court. Unfortunately, problematic posts might include photos of you exercising, videos of you playing sports, or even updates on your injuries and recovery. If there is ever a good time to log off and take a break from social media, this would be the time.

Social Media Mistake #2: A Selfie is Worth a Thousand Words (or Dollars)

Again, you should be extremely careful about not just what you post but what others post about you. A single photograph could sabotage your entire settlement. It may be tempting to take a selfie with your friends or family to commemorate an event, but really never know who is snooping online. Never forget that the internet is deemed a public sphere so anything posted online can be used against you in a court of law. Even an impromptu, seemingly harmless selfie.

Distracted driver texts while behind the wheel of a car

Social Media Mistake #3: Beware the Friendly Stranger

During the life of your case you should keep your guard up against any suspicious friend requests on social media. You shouldn’t put it past the opposing party to create a bogus account on Facebook or TikTok simply to spy on your posts and activity. They might due this to collect incriminating evidence in an attempt to prove you aren’t as injured as you claim to be. Such evidence could prove detrimental to the health of your case and to your recovery.

Social Media Mistake #4: Private Might Not Be So Private After All

No matter what social media accounts may say about their privacy settings, you should never believe setting your account to private truly hides your posts. It’s best to just assume anything and everything you post online can be seen by the entire world. Social media companies may claim their privacy settings are safe and secure, but in reality social media is just that: social.

Social Media Mistake #5: Friends and Family May Sabotage You

Let’s say you decide to deactivate all of your social media accounts to simply avoid making a mistake and posting anything which may jeopardize the health of your case. You go months and months without posting a single photo, video, or even a check-in at your favorite ice cream shop, only to find out the opposing party has video of you playing frisbee golf at the local park and plan to use it against you in court. You eventually learn that they obtained the video by stalking your best friend’s social media accounts. While you may be able to restrain your own social media habits, controlling those of your friends and family is a far tougher task. The best approach to such a problem is to speak with your friends and family as soon as possible about refraining from posting anything at all about you, your car accident, and especially about your case.

Bonus Mistake: Not Contacting an Attorney About Your Montana Personal Injury

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