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Common Winter Injuries in Iowa

Accidents and injuries happen all year long, but winter weather brings a unique set of challenges and hazards. Snow, sleet, and ice can create dangerous conditions for walking, driving, and recreating.

We’ll discuss some of the most common winter injuries in Iowa and how to prevent them.

Five Common Iowa Winter Accidents

Snow shoveling accidents

Cold weather often brings heavy snow, and with that comes the unfortunate necessity of snow removal. Many home and business owners opt to shovel their driveways and walkways themselves in the interest of saving money.

Shoveling snow is a strenuous activity, and not everyone maintains the level of fitness necessary for the endeavor. In addition to potentially serious injuries, shoveling snow has been known to lead to heart attacks.

Skier falling and suffering an injury in the winter time

Winter sport accidents

While Iowa isn’t exactly renowned for its downhill skiing scene, there are plenty of ski areas, sledding hills, and ice skating rinks frequented by locals in the winter months. Participating in winter activities is a wonderful way to spend the season, but these sports are not without their risks.


Overexposure to cold temperatures can lead to frostbite and hypothermia, two serious conditions that require medical attention. Hypothermia occurs when a person’s body temperature drops below 95 degrees Fahrenheit. It is a medical emergency—if you believe someone is suffering from hypothermia, take them to an emergency room as soon as possible.

Frostbite, on the other hand, affects the skin and tissues of the body. If a person’s skin is exposed to below-freezing temperatures for extended periods of time, it can permanently damage their tissue. Mild frostbite (sometimes called frostnip) can typically be treated at home, but moderate to severe cases require medical care.

Slip-and-fall accidents

Icy walkways are a serious wintertime hazard, especially because ice can be difficult to see. Falls are one of the leading causes of head injuries in the United States, and they are especially dangerous for adults over the age of 65. 

Car accidents

Driving in winter weather conditions can be incredibly dangerous. Heavy snowfall can limit visibility and lead to rear-end collisions or rollover accidents if a driver accidentally leaves the roadway.

Even when skies are sunny, black ice may be present on the road. A driver who hits a patch of black ice can lose control of their vehicle, creating a hazard for everyone on the road.

Most Common Injuries From Winter Accidents

Winter accident injuries can range from very mild to life-threatening, depending on the circumstances of the accident. Some of the most common winter injuries include:

Winter Injury Prevention

To keep yourself safe this winter season, use the following safety tips:

Personal injury attorney in Iowa speaks to a client

Injured? Call The Iowa Advocates

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