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Guide to Motorcycle Rides in Montana

Montana is a well-known destination for motorcycle riders.  What better way to experience “big sky country” than on a motorcycle?  From the eastern prairies and farmlands to the mountainous foothills and river valleys, Montana is a beautiful place to behold!  A survey during the summer tourism season found that ten percent of visitors came by motorcycle.  Similarly, Billings has welcomed many biker conventions from the Gold Wing Road Riders to the HOG Rally hosted by the Harley Owners Group in 2006.  Each event can draw over 10,000 bikers.  The Gold Wing Road Riders have chosen Billings five times to host their convention!  Montana also hosts several featured tours for motorcycle riders including paved tours, unpaved tours, and high plains tours.
Two of Montana’s roads and highways have garnered national attention for their beauty and rideability, the Beartooth Highway and the Going-to-the-Sun Road.  The Beartooth Highway is full of hairpins, switchbacks, and elevations climb (10,947 feet).  In addition, the remote Going-to-the-Sun 50-mile stretch has been described as the “holy grail” for serious riders.  It winds through some of Montana’s jewels like Glacier National Park and Lake McDonald.

Motorcycle Riding Safety and RisksMotorcycle on the side of a country road in Montana

With so many beautiful places to ride, there are, unfortunately, many opportunities for problems.  A motorcyclist never embarks on a ride with the intention of getting injured.  However, accidents happen and they can happen anywhere.  For motorcyclists, the risks associated with transportation are even greater because they do not have some of the same protective barriers between them and a standard vehicle.
Motorcyclists face a set of exclusive problems that can affect the way they ride.  For instance, the visibility of riders can be a challenge.  Riders on a motorcycle are smaller than a car.  This can make it easier for a motorcyclist to slip into a car’s blind spot without recognizing it.  This increases the chances of having a run in with a car or other vehicle on the road.  Riding a motorcycle can be further complicated by threatening weather conditions or road hazards.  Road hazards that are normally a minor inconvenience for cars can be a considerable threat to motorcyclists.

Advocates Can Help You Understand Montana Motorcycle Laws

When moments of distress and accident happen, it is important to know what your options are and how you can move forward.  If involved in an accident, motorcyclists should be aware of their legal rights.  As with conventional car collisions, motorcycle crash claims are determined by negligence.  Negligence, in Montana, is a legal term defined as the failure of taking the proper or appropriate care in doing something.  Montana also follows comparative negligence laws which means the person asking for damages must be less responsible for the accident than he/she who caused the accident. If this seems confusing you should consult with an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer.

Motorcycle accidents can be complex.  Navigating the relevant laws is difficult.  Don’t try to do it alone, have an Advocate help you!  The Advocates Law is a personal injury law firm in Billings, Montana that handles motorcycle accident cases.  Our motorcycle accident lawyers understand what you are going through and can help you:

We have the expertise you need on your side to win your case.  We offer FREE CONSULTATIONS, meaning we will sit down and listen to the details of your accident with no charge or obligation to you.  This consultation will help give you direction.  You will know if you have a case and what you should do next.