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Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

If you’ve been injured in a car accident as a pedestrian, you may be feeling upset, confused, and stressed out. The Advocates are here for you.

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A Pedestrian Accident Attorney Can Help Your Case

Crashes involving pedestrians are one of the most devastating types of accidents, often leading to serious injuries or fatalities. Because pedestrians are much smaller than motor vehicles and have far less protection than motorists, they often suffer more severe injuries.

The personal injury attorneys at The Advocates’ law firm have helped thousands of pedestrian accident victims, so we understand what you’re going through. We are committed to helping you throughout the recovery process to get your life back on track.

If you or a loved one have been injured due to a driver’s negligence and need an experienced pedestrian accident lawyer for your personal injury claim, contact The Advocates today for a free consultation.


Immediately after your accident, check for injuries

Hire Attorney

Contact The Advocates as soon as possible to begin the road to recovery


Seek medical attention as soon as you can

Medical Records

Keep track of any and all treatment you receive during recovery

Treatment Completed

Once you've completed treatment, your case can move forward


Your Advocate will send a demand letter to the other party

Frequently Asked Questions

Not every accident requires an attorney. However, if the accident resulted in injuries or significant property damage, it is a good idea to contact a lawyer. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you navigate the claims process, which can be lengthy and complex. Your attorney will build your case, keep track of your medical records, negotiate with insurance companies, and represent you in court if necessary. Studies have shown that accident victims who hire a personal injury lawyer can receive settlements up to 3.5 times larger than if they settled on their own.

The best way to know if you have a case is to speak with an attorney. The Advocates offer free consultations—you can speak with a qualified legal team to understand what your case is worth without paying a dime. Once you have decided to hire an Advocate, we will investigate your accident to firmly establish liability.

Your initial consultation with us is always 100% free. There are never any upfront costs or hidden fees when you hire The Advocates.

Our attorneys work on a contingency basis, which means that our attorney fees are calculated as a percentage of your settlement. You will not pay us unless we win your case, and you receive a settlement.

Every personal injury case is different. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to accident claims. The length of the claims process will depend on the severity of your injuries, the willingness of the other party to settle, the court’s caseload, and more.

In general, personal injury cases can take anywhere from several months to a few years. It’s important to contact an attorney as soon as possible to get your case started. Each state has a statute of limitations for personal injury cases, after which you will lose your right of action.

When you hire The Advocates, we will begin investigating your accident immediately while you finish medical treatment. Once all evidence and medical records have been compiled, your attorney will send a demand letter to the other party’s insurance company. At this point, negotiations will begin.

In many cases, a settlement can be reached during negotiations. If the other party refuses to make a fair offer, you may choose to file a suit. In the litigation phase, your attorney will represent you in court in front of a judge, jury, and/or arbitrator.

A Team of Legal Professionals Assigned to Your Case

For nearly 30 years, The Advocates have helped thousands of personal injury victims receive the compensation and care they deserve after their accidents, and we are prepared to do the same for you. 

We can help you:

  • Understand the claims process
  • Investigate your accident
  • Build your case
  • Negotiate with insurance adjusters
  • Take your case to court if necessary

You only pay if we win your case!

Talking to a Professional

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Pedestrian Accident Statistics

Pedestrian walks with a gas can down the middle of the road

Where are pedestrian accidents most likely to occur?

  • Most pedestrian accidents occur in urban areas
  • Around 75% of pedestrian fatalities occur in locations that are not intersections
  • Pedestrians accidents are more likely to happen in dark conditions than during the daytime or at dusk
  • Around 50% of all pedestrian accidents occur in the six hours between 6:00 pm and midnight

United States pedestrian accident statistics

  • In the last decade, the number of pedestrian deaths has risen by more than 2,000
  • Around 17% of all fatalities from traffic crashes are pedestrians
  • Nearly 50% of all pedestrian accidents involve alcohol for either the driver or pedestrian
  • Nationwide, a pedestrian is killed in an accident about every 81 minutes
  • The states with the highest percentage of pedestrian fatalities (out of total traffic fatalities) are New Jersey, Nevada, California, and Rhode Island
States with highest percentage of pedestrian deaths.
Woman texting on her phone with driving at the wheel.

Common causes of pedestrian accidents

  • Speeding: The faster a motorist is traveling, the less reaction time they give themselves when a hazard becomes present. Speeding also increases the risk of serious injuries or death
  • Impaired driving: Drunk driving creates a danger to everyone on the road
  • Distracted driving and/or walking: Cell phone use, fiddling with music, and other activities can cause both drivers and pedestrians to become distracted from their surroundings, increasing the risk of an accident
  • Failure to yield right-of-way: It’s important to be familiar with the rules of the road– drivers should yield to pedestrians at crosswalks, while pedestrians should yield when crossing at non-crosswalk locations
  • Poor visibility: When pedestrians walk at night or in areas with low visibility, it increases their chances of being hit by a car. Pedestrians should walk in well-lit areas when possible and wear bright or reflective clothing to keep them safe
  • Pedestrians walking unsafely: Pedestrians should use sidewalks when possible and walk against the flow of traffic. Being as predictable as possible is the best way to keep yourself safe while walking

Common pedestrian accident injuries 

Depending on the severity of the accident, pedestrian injuries can range from mild to life-threatening. It is not uncommon for injured pedestrians to suffer:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Broken or missing teeth
  • Internal organ damage
  • Lacerations and bruising
Common Injuries in pedestrian accidents

Pedestrian Safety FAQs

Elderly Man walks across a city crosswalk

Who has the right-of-way when a pedestrian crosses the street?

State and local traffic laws differ regarding where pedestrians may cross. In general, pedestrians are encouraged to cross the street in the following locations:

  • At a marked crosswalk
  • At an unmarked crosswalk (typically at intersections with a sidewalk on either side)
  • Using a pedestrian tunnel or overhead pedestrian crossing

If a pedestrian crosses the street at any point besides a crosswalk, they are usually required to yield the right-of-way to motor vehicles.

Your municipality may have laws restricting crossing in areas other than the ones listed above. Ensure you are familiar with the rules of the road in any area you plan to walk.

Where should pedestrians walk when there is no sidewalk?

Pedestrians should always use the sidewalk when possible and practicable. When a sidewalk is not present, pedestrians should:

  • Walk on the shoulder of the road, as far from the roadway as possible
  • Walk against traffic (usually the left side of the road)
  • Strive to remain as visible as possible– wear bright and/or reflective clothing, especially at night
Woman walks a on the shoulder of a country road
Blurring night shot of pedestrians walking across a busy street

How can pedestrians increase visibility?

The best way to stay safe while walking is to ensure that drivers around you can see you and predict your next steps. Pedestrians can help avoid accidents by taking the following steps:

  • Use sidewalks whenever possible
  • Cross the street at crosswalks or intersections
  • When possible, walk and cross in well-lit areas
  • Wear bright and/or reflective clothing, particularly at night
  • Follow the rules of the road by obeying signs, signals, and right-of-way laws
  • Teach children to walk safely
  • Be as predictable as possible– stepping into traffic unexpectedly or failing to follow crosswalk signals will likely surprise drivers around you and can lead to an accident

How can motorists drive safely around pedestrians?

Motorists can help reduce the risks of pedestrian accidents by committing to the following safety guidelines:

  • Expect that pedestrians could be anywhere and look out for them
  • Slow down when approaching a crosswalk and be prepared to yield to pedestrians
  • Do not pass other vehicles stopped at crosswalks
  • Keep to the speed limit, particularly in school zones and residential areas
  • Do not pass school buses with their stop signs out
  • When stopped at a red light or stop sign, do not stop on the crosswalk
Pedestrians on a crosswalk from the windshield of a car
Man in a electric wheelchair crosses the street.

How can municipalities promote pedestrian safety?

Pedestrian-friendly cities promote physical health, reduce pollution, and help keep their citizens safe. Infrastructure that helps facilitate safe travel by foot includes:

  • Continuous, accessible sidewalks: Availability of sidewalks keeps pedestrians off the roadway and out of harm’s way. Walkways that include ramps, tactile surfaces, and audible traffic signals help keep disabled pedestrians safe
  • Safe zones for children: Lower speed limits around schools, parks, and other areas where children are likely to be can reduce child traffic injuries
  • Protected intersections and medians: Installing raised medians gives pedestrians a safe place to wait to cross between opposing lanes of traffic
  • Well-lit walkways and crosswalks: Making pedestrians more visible to drivers, especially at night, decreases the risk of a crash. Additionally, crosswalk signs with flashing lights help alert drivers to the presence of pedestrians
  • Pedestrian-only areas: Most American cities are built for cars. Creating outdoor pedestrian malls or certain roads closed off to cars can remove the risk of motor vehicle accidents altogether

What should I do after a pedestrian accident?

After any kind of traffic accident, take the following steps to protect yourself and your right to any potential claim:

  • Check for injuries
  • Call 911 and file a police report
  • Exchange information with the other party
  • Take pictures of your injuries, any vehicles involved, and the accident scene as a whole
  • Seek medical care
  • Notify your insurance provider– your insurance policy may cover some of your medical expenses
  • Consider contacting a personal injury lawyer

Do not leave the scene of the accident until you have been cleared to do so. Leaving early may violate your area’s hit-and-run laws and damage your potential personal injury case.

Man talks on the phone in his office.

When Should I Hire a Pedestrian Accident Attorney?

If you were injured in a pedestrian accident, you are likely dealing with growing financial expenses, as well as non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering. Navigating the claims process on top of the difficulties you’re already facing can be stressful and detrimental to your recovery.

Additionally, the at-fault driver’s auto insurance company will likely do whatever they can to prove you had some responsibility for your injury. They will not make it easy for you to obtain a fair settlement for your damages.

The personal injury attorneys with The Advocates have years of experience negotiating with insurance providers and fighting for our clients’ right to fair compensation under the law. Our experienced attorneys are standing by to take care of your pedestrian accident claim for you, from the moment you contact us to the day your case is settled.

We are here to help every step of the way– our number one priority is protecting your legal rights so you can focus on recovery. Contact us today for a free case evaluation. You deserve peace of mind. You deserve an Advocate.


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