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Boise Drivers Cited for Left Lane Driving

Idaho State Police have begun to ticket drivers who travel too slow in the far left passing lane. A law recently went into effect that levies a $90 fine against slow-moving drivers clogging up the left lane.

Since the law began to be enforced on July 1st, Idaho police have cited two drivers for driving too slowly.

“If vehicles are moving slower, it can cause accidents and crashes,” said Idaho State Police Lieutenant Shawn Staley. “Guys will make traffic stops on it. But it would have to be fairly egregious.”

Idaho is just one of many states to implement so-called “slow poke” laws that reserve the left lane for passing motorists. States such as Indiana and New Jersey charging a maximum fine of $500 for repeat offenders.

Indeed, in late June Indiana Police Sergeant Stephen Wheeles was hailed on social media for pulling over a driver for driving too slowly in the passing lane. Over 20 cars were reported to have been trailing the woman’s vehicle.

Enforcement of the law is left up to the discretion of Idaho police officers. Drivers in the left lane who are traveling at the maximum posted speed limit will not be cited, nor will driver who exceed the speed limit in order to pass another vehicle. Drivers who speed above 15 mph over the posted limit, however, should expect to be cited for excessive speeding.

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