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The Advocates Good Samaritan September 2023: Students of C.M. Russell High School

Each month, The Advocates Injury Attorneys team up with NonStop Local News to recognize an individual or group who go out of their way to better their community. This month, our honoree is the Peer Mentor Support Group at C.M. Russell High School in Great Falls.

Last year, this group of students began putting “basic needs hangers” in the girls bathrooms at their school. These hangers are stocked with tampons, pads, and travel-size shampoo and conditioner bottles. They also have resources and coupons for purchasing these items on their own.

“A lot of students at our school… might not be able to afford [these products]. So we kind of wanted to make it easier on them,” said Rhea Pace, one student in the Peer Mentor Support Group.

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Since implementing the basic needs hangers last year, they have received donations from outside the school. Some of these donations go toward stocking the hangers, while others are given out for students to take home with them.

Barb Bottomly, a therapist with Great Falls Public School District, said, “these guys are leaders and they really rock. And it’s so rewarding to the school community and should be to the community in general that these kids are leaders and can reach out and recognize needs in the community.”

The students in the Peer Mentor Support Group say it feels good to help the students at their school, even if they might not know the individuals who utilize the hangers.

“We’re always here for you guys and, like, no matter what, it’s okay to not feel okay,” said Pace.

Currently, the program’s most pressing need is tampons. If you’d like to make a donation to the hangers, you may drop off supplies at the front office of CMR.

The Advocates are proud to recognize the CMR students for their compassion, creativity, and drive to make a difference at their school. They are the Good Samaritans that make our community great.