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The Most Dangerous Roads in Nebraska

When thinking of Nebraska, do lighthouses and rainforests first come to mind? Think again! Nebraska is home to the biggest indoor rainforest in the United States and a 75-year-old lighthouse standing thousands of miles away from the nearest ocean.

While the Cornhusker State brings pure country bliss and unusual tourist destinations, there a few roadways you should avoid or at least be weary of. In fact, some of the following most dangerous roads in Nebraska have given birth to this local saying, “The speed limit is 75 but you can drive 90!” Though not encouraged, speeding is the number one cause of accidents in the state.

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Top 4 Most Dangerous Roads in Nebraska

1. Interstate 80: A Statewide Highway of Terrordangerous nebraska roads

Ranked at the top of our list of most dangerous roads in Nebraska, Interstate 80 is a well-traversed highway that crosses through the many rolling plains of the Midwest. Having seen over 180 traffic deaths in Nebraska in the last ten years, this roadway should be driven with the utmost care.

Risk Factors:

In 2018, Nebraska lawmakers had intentions to increase the speed limit on several highways throughout the state. However, they excluded I-80 to avoid the possibility of inviting more danger to the roadway. If you’re traveling on I-80, stay alert, slow down and avoid texting or drinking while driving at all costs.

2. Omaha’s Dangerous 72nd and Dodge Street Intersection

While it isn’t the busiest intersection in the city, more accidents have occurred at 72nd and Dodge Street than any other intersection in Omaha. Reports say the biggest reason for this is not only due to distracted driving and heavy traffic flow but to large chunks of roadway missing on the streets.

Potholes and worn asphalt pose a serious safety risk for vehicles passing through this intersection. With more than 50 crashes in 2018, be mindful of your surroundings and follow at a safe distance. Driving too closely can leave you and others left injured from an accident.

3. Highway 81 & 91: Stop Before You Merge

Merging onto any highway can be risky for all parties involved, especially when drivers are required to come to a complete stop before entering the roadway. Unfortunately, not everyone follows these rules. The intersection between Highway 81 and Highway 91 is on our list of most dangerous roads in Nebraska for that very reason. Drivers must come to a full stop on Highway 91 in order to cross or merge onto 81, but they don’t.

With traffic traveling through this area at 70 mph, consider this intersection a magnet for rear-end accidents and T-bone’s. According to a woman who works in the Humphrey area, the high number of speeding traffic has led to many accidents at this intersection.

4. The Perilous 27th and Cornhusker

Named the most dangerous intersection in Lincoln in 2017, 27th Street and Cornhusker is a cross section every driver should be cautious of. Whether you’re a resident or just passing through the capital, there are plenty of exotic gardens to explore as well as visit the city’s notorious state capitol tower.

Due to the heavy flow of traffic and complex turn lanes, some drivers who are not used to this intersection might find themselves in a perilous situation. Proceed through 27th and Cornhusker with a little extra care.

Now that we’ve covered some of the most dangerous roads in Nebraska, it’s important to plan your next trip on these roadways with extra caution. Even the most seemingly harmless roads and intersections can be more dangerous than you think. When you’re traveling on a highway that’s had its fair share of collisions, you should always check your speed and keep an eye on the vehicles around you.

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