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Most Dangerous Safety Issues with Airbags

Did you know that millions of cars have been recalled due to faulty airbags? Airbags are designed to help keep drivers and passengers safe from serious injuries, but what happens if they don’t work?

In the last 30 years, car manufacturers have worked tirelessly to make motor vehicles safer to drive. For the most part, airbags have helped save many lives. In fact, airbags dropped the number of traffic fatalities by 29% in the U.S.

While they are certainly one of the most important safety features in a vehicle, defective airbags can cause serious, if not life-threatening, injuries.

In the following article, we will outline what can go wrong with airbags, common airbag-related injuries and how we can help you recover compensation for an airbag injury.

What are the Top 4 Airbag Defects?

Car Accident

A defective airbag can pose an imminent threat to a driver or passenger’s safety during a collision. But before we discuss some of the most common defects, it’s important to understand just how airbags work.

When a vehicle collides with another object, the speed of the vehicle reduces significantly. In those few seconds that your car decelerates, an accelerometer (which is an electric chip that measures acceleration or force) detects this rapid change. If the change in speed is drastic enough, then the airbag is triggered to deploy.

When this sensor stops working properly, the results can be alarming. Here are 4 common airbag defects you should know:

  1. Airbags can deploy at the wrong time
  2. Airbags can fail to deploy at all
  3. Not all airbags deploy
  4. Airbags can release too aggressively

If an airbag deploys incorrectly during an accident, you can suffer serious injuries from this malfunction. Even worse, a well-known airbag brand named Takata created a faulty airbag that exploded at the time of deployment and ended up claiming the lives of 16 people, leaving hundreds more injured. All of which could have been avoided with the proper safety inspection during the manufacturing process.

Common Airbag-Related Injuries

There are a number of factors that can cause airbag-related injuries. A few being the speed in which the airbag is deployed, the chemicals used in the device and the timing and effectiveness of deployment.

Below are the most common types of airbag injuries:

If you recently suffered an injury due to a faulty airbag, you should speak to a medical doctor right away. These injuries can worsen over time and create even more problems later down the road.

How to Sue for an Airbag Injury

You have the right to pursue a legal claim if you were injured by a defective airbag. This type of injury claim is called a product liability case, where our attorneys will hold the people responsible for your injuries accountable for their faulty product.

Here at The Advocates, we know the ins and outs of product liability law and will make sure you are fairly compensated for your pain and suffering. Your initial consultation is on us. Simply call our office today at 307-466-0003 or Chat with Us on our homepage. Don’t wait.

Your recovery is our top priority.