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Top 5 Most Dangerous Car Accidents

While no two car accidents are ever the same, some are more deadly than others. Certain factors determine the severity of a particular car accident. The speed of the impact. The make and models of the vehicles involved. Whether or not the passengers were wearing seat belts. All of these factors contribute to the most dangerous car accidents.

Understanding what accidents are the most dangerous can help you change your driving habits so that you can better protect yourself in the future. Below is a list of the top 5 most dangerous car accidents.

5. Rear-end Accident

Even though rear-end accidents may not seem dangerous at the time, most being mere fender benders, these types of accidents can cause long term damage to the neck and spine, as well as chronic pain. Whiplash is, by far, the most common injury caused by a rear end car crash. The best way to avoid being injured in a rear end collision is to be aware of what is going on behind your vehicle. Make sure your rear view mirrors are clear and in the proper position so that you may pull out of the way in case a car behind you doesn’t stop in time.

4. Head-on Crash

The next most dangerous type of accident is a head-on accident. Head-on accidents can produce serious injuries and even death in its victims. The reason for this is that the impact of the crash is dramatically higher than a rear-end accident due to the combined speed of the vehicles involved. If both vehicles were traveling at 45 miles per hour at the time of the crash then the impact speed would be a deadly 90 miles per hour. Head-on collisions are so deadly, in fact, that they cause a full 10% of all automobile fatalities. The best way to avoid serious injury in a head-on crash is to always wear your seat belt and to make sure your airbag is activated and functioning properly.

3. Rollover Accident

Similar to head-on collisions, rollover crashes are some of the most dangerous car accidents in the United States. Nearly 11% of all automobile fatalities are due to rollover accidents. Some vehicles are more prone to rolling over in the event of a collision than others, such as SUVs and top-heavy trucks.

Unfortunately, automobile safety measures don’t do much to protect accident victims in the event of a rollover crash since occupants are tossed in multiple directions and can even be thrown clear of the wreckage. You can prevent being in a rollover car accident by purchasing a vehicle with a high rollover safety rating instead of that roomy SUV that looks like it can tip over as easily as a soda machine.

2. Side Impact Collision

Unlike the front and back bumpers, the side of your vehicle doesn’t offer much in the way of protection if you are t-boned or sideswiped by another vehicle. Indeed, side impact collisions are one of the most dangerous car accidents that they make up 21% of all automobile-related fatalities. Side impact crashes most often occur in intersections, parking lots, and on highways or other high-traffic roads.

With each passing year, more car and truck manufacturers have begun to install side airbags into the doors to reduce fatalities from side impact accidents due to pressure from consumers. Be sure to check the safety protections offered by your dealership before purchasing your next vehicle.

1. Off-The-Road Crash

By far the most deadly type of car accident is when a vehicle veers off the roadway and crashes into another object, such as a telephone pole or a concrete pylon. These accidents are easily the most deadly, making up a tragic 32% of all fatal car accidents. The main causes of off-the-road accidents are inclement weather, distracted driving, falling asleep at the wheel, and drunk driving, of course. The best way to prevent being in an off-the-road crash is to always be alert of your surroundings, never drink and drive, and to stop driving if you feel drowsy.

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