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Do I Need a Lawyer After a Nebraska Car Crash?

Why You Need an Attorney After Your Nebraska Car Crash

If you were recently involved in a collision you may be wondering: Do I need a lawyer after my accident?

You not only have the right to speak with an attorney before initiating contact with an insurance adjuster, you also have the right to hire an attorney as well. However, we get it. Asking for help isn’t always easy. Taking that first step toward your recovery is sometimes the hardest part. The Advocates here to simplify this process for you.

While an auto insurance agency may be hassling you to answer questions and quickly settle your claim, you should always speak with a legal professional first. Insurance companies are in the business of making money and will likely offer you far less in compensation than what your injuries are actually worth.

That’s where The Advocates step in.

Most people aren’t prepared for the tricks the auto insurance companies use to pay you as small as settlement as possible. But when you explain your story to an accident attorney with The Advocates, we’ll build you an airtight case and do all the negotiating for you.

Consult with a Lawyer First, Negotiate with Insurance Later

In the following article we will outline when you should hire a lawyer, the common tricks used by insurance companies to keep settlements low, and how The Advocates can help you recover full compensation for the injuries and losses you and your family have suffered.

When Should I Hire an Advocate Attorney After a Car Accident?

We recommend consulting with an attorney as soon as possible after any type of collision. Even though you may not need to hire a lawyer, most attorneys will review your case free of charge and offer legal advice with no obligation.

In the event you do need a lawyer, it’s usually best to hire one right away. A few reasons why are:

  1. There are legal deadlines.

Unfortunately, injury claims do expire over time. You will need to meet specific deadlines to recover any compensation for your injuries and losses. In the state of Nebraska, most personal injury cases have a 4-year statute of limitations (although it is subject to certain exceptions).

Missing any deadline, including notifying an insurer when the collision occurred, can mean you might not win your case. A reputable car accident lawyer will make sure you meet these deadlines.

  1. Evidence can expire.

Depending on where the collision occurred, evidence from your crash may expire. For example, if your accident was recorded on a surveillance camera, it’s important that this camera footage is recovered before it is deleted or recorded over.

Another type of evidence which expires quickly includes car debris, tire skid marks, and other roadside indicators of a collision. Evidence of this class is usually collected to help determine who was at-fault for the accident. A lawyer will act fast enough to make sure it’s preserved before being cleared away.

  1. Need to seek medical treatment.

Not everyone who seeks medical treatment after a car accident has health insurance. That’s okay. When you speak with an attorney, they will ask you if you’ve received medical treatment. If you haven’t, we can give you a referral to one of our trusted medical providers so you can start the healing process.

  1. You have witness testimonies.

Most people can remember when a collision occurred but will eventually forget what actually happened at the scene of the crash. This doesn’t always happen, but over time witnesses may not remember what they saw or do not feel like speaking with a lawyer.

When you hire a car accident attorney, they will contact the witnesses you’ve provided so that you don’t have to. Most injury lawyers will take verbal or written statements to preserve for the sake of your case.

The best thing you can do is present your case to a trusted lawyer with all of the facts present and ask them for honest feedback about what you should do next. If you decide to seek legal representation, an attorney will map out the road to your recovery and make sure you meet all the deadlines along the way.

Shouldn’t My Insurance Handle My Costs?

They absolutely should. Your auto insurance normally handles the costs of injury-related accidents. However, insurance companies are notoriously known for keeping money for themselves instead of paying you what your case is actually worth. Insurance adjusters will often pay out the least amount of money possible for your damages so they can come out on top.

Insurance adjusters may seem like they want the best for your case in the moment, but in the end, they are for-profit businesses and want to make money. This is something you can ask an attorney about in your initial consultation. Your lawyer will be able to answer any questions involving insurance claims and determining what constitutes as fair compensation.

5 Insurance Adjuster Tricks to Watch Out For

These aren’t just any old magic tricks. These are insurance tricks. Auto insurance agencies can be ruthless when it comes to maximizing their profit and minimizing your payout.

Insurance companies have some of the best smooth-talkers out there, and are trained to trick you out of fair and full compensation. Here are some of the most common tactics you should look out for:

  1. Delay Your Car Accident Claim

If the at-fault party’s insurance company doesn’t flat out deny your claim, they will at least try to delay it with the hopes of wearing you down. With an attorney in your court, you won’t have to work about your claim getting pushed aside. A lawyer won’t back down until they make you a fair offer.

  1. Record and Spy on Your Social Media

Insurance companies are highly skilled at using “surveillance” to find any type of evidence that can be held against you. They are legally allowed to spy on you and your social media accounts and use the information to diminish your claim.

For this reason alone, you should never post any information about your car accident on the internet.

  1. Fake Empathy to Get a Quicker/Lower Settlement

You might get on the phone with an insurance adjuster who is concerned about getting your bills paid sooner than later.

Call an attorney first and make sure you’re not being tricked into receiving a lower settlement amount. Remember that once you settle, you can’t reopen your claim.

  1. Underestimate Your Medical Bills

Depending on how severe your injuries are, you may have quite a few medical bills rolling in; from an anesthesiologist, surgeon, chiropractor, ambulance and more. Insurance companies have been known to undercount the exact number of medical bills you’ve received. Make sure each one is collected and counted.

  1. Demand a Recorded Statement About the Accident

This is one of the most common tactics insurance companies use to get accident victims to give a false or incriminating statement. Oftentimes, an insurance adjuster will say they can’t begin the claims process until after a statement is made.

The truth is: you have the right to wait until you speak with a lawyer. If you make a statement too soon, you may not be able to make a claim for injuries which appear later on.

The list of insurance tricks does go on. But you don’t need to face this headache alone. We recommend chatting with an attorney as soon as possible to get any of your questions answered about your insurance and the insurance of the at-fault party.

What Do I Need to Recover Full Compensation?

You won’t need to do much if you hire an Advocate. Our legal team will manage your case from start to finish and make sure any and all evidence is collected and organized.

While we negotiate with insurance, we want you to focus on recovering. In the meantime, our attorneys will make sure your voice is heard and your story is told.

But to ensure you have the strongest legal claim possible, you can do the following things:

  • Go to all your doctor’s visits; attend follow-ups and take prescribed medication.
  • Keep all documentation from your collision.
  • Do not speak with the at-fault party. Even an apology can be written off as a confession.
  • Most importantly, do not give a statement without an attorney present.

The best thing you can do for your case is hire an accident attorney. Our lawyers are ready to fight for your recovery and get you the compensation you are owed.

How Do I Speak With a Nebraska Attorney About My Case?

If you or a loved one have been injured due to someone else’s negligence, you’ll need an Advocate on your side. Here are the quickest ways you can speak with an accident attorney near you:

  • Use our Live Chat from our Homepage
  • Fill out a form below

Here at The Advocates, we know the ins and outs of personal injury law and are all too familiar with insurance adjuster tricks. We’ve got your back and will do the heavy lifting for you. Don’t wait. You deserve an Advocate!

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