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Common Leg Injuries After a Car Crash

Wyoming Car Accident Lawyer

One of the most debilitating injuries car accident victims face is to their legs. Leg injuries caused by automobile accidents can often leave victims in pain for months, and even years, after the initial injury. Car accident leg injuries may sometimes require expensive treatments such as physical therapy or surgery.

This definitive article will guide you through the importance of understanding the various types of car accident leg injuries and how a personal injury attorney can help you find the treatment you’ll need for a successful recovery.

Causes of Car Accident Leg Injuries – Cheyenne

While automobiles are an efficient resource for many people, the misuse of this luxury can very well result in serious accidents, causing severe or even lifelong injuries. Understanding the severity of your injuries is crucial and often based on the following factors:

-The speed of the vehicle

-Weather and road conditions

-The passenger’s location inside the vehicle

-The use of seatbelts during the crash

-The size of the vehicle

-The type of collision you were in (frontend, rear, or side collision)

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, nearly 50% of all accident victims in a frontal collision suffer from some kind of leg injury. Car accident leg injuries can be dangerous and cause permanent damage, even long-term immobility, if your injuries are left untreated. Before attempting any vigorous exercise after a leg injury, you should consult with a doctor first.

Types of Car Accident Leg Injuries & Their Symptoms – Laramie

There are various types of injuries that can stem from being in a serious collision. Some of the most common types of accident injuries include whiplash, head injuries and broken bones. Here are three car accident leg injuries most accident victims face:

ACL Injuries: ACL injuries are some of the most excruciating types of car accident leg injuries a person can endure. We often hear about athletes ending their season due to an ACL injury, and the same goes for accident victims. A torn ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) occurs when a sudden, violent force strikes the knee, causing the connective tissue in the knee to rip. ACL injuries can leave injury victims unable to move, twist or lift their leg in any way. Common symptoms of an ACL injury include a loud popping noise in the knee, rapid swelling, warmth or redness in the knee area, and limping or inability to stand.

Crushed or Broken Bones: Dealing with a crushed or broken bone from a car accident can be extremely painful. These types of car accident leg injuries typically occur when the frontend or side of your vehicle is smashed by another vehicle or object. In the midst of impact, your legs can be jarred or even crushed from different parts of the vehicle. Some accident victims with broken bones in their leg need surgery or metal rods placed in their leg. Common symptoms of a broken bone include chronic pain, limited ability to walk on injured leg, and a protruding bone or joint.

Torn Meniscus: Having a torn meniscus is the type of injury that won’t go unnoticed. A torn meniscus can be so severe that even light walking may be too painful. The reason for this is that the meniscus is the piece of cartilage in your knee absorbing the shock every time you walk or run, which is similar to what the suspension in your vehicle does. That being said, if the meniscus is torn, it can sometimes be unbearable to put any kind of pressure on your leg. Symptoms of a torn meniscus include chronic pain or soreness when walking, swelling of the knee cap, and stiffness as well.

Depending on where you are sitting in the vehicle at the time of your accident, this can impact the type of leg injury you endure. Leg injuries should never go untreated. Having a leg injury from a car accident can drastically change how you maneuver throughout your daily life.

Treatment Options for Car Accident Leg Injuries – Jackson

Car accident leg injuries can seriously put your life on hold. Your legs are what allow you complete mobility. Without medical treatment of your leg injury after a collision, your pain and injuries may worsen over time.

Several key components in determining the best treatment for you include when the injury occurred, your age, and your current health condition. Here are the following types of commonly used treatment methods for car accident leg injuries:

-RICE: Rest, ice, compression and elevation; your doctor might require you to wear a cast to help put your bones back in the right place. Luckily, casts are only temporary.

-Physical Therapy: A physical therapist will help you do a series of stretching and walking exercises to help you get back on your feet.

-Surgery: Surgery for a leg injury usually includes the insertion of artificial parts such as metal screws or rods to reconnect the bones.

Even with the proper treatment and care, your injuries can take up to several weeks or months to fully heal. If you were in an accident and missed work due to your car accident leg injuries, you should consider speaking with an accident attorney right away. A personal injury attorney from The Wyoming Advocates can help you obtain compensation for lost wages and injuries.

How Can a Personal Injury Attorney Help Me? – Cody

If you’ve been injured in a collision you will need an experienced personal injury attorney to help you receive the compensation you are owed for your injuries and losses. Here at The Wyoming Advocates, we understand how frustrating the legal aftermath of a car accident can be. You shouldn’t have to fight this battle on your own.

When working with the Advocates, you will have the best personal injury lawyer on your side. We will help you obtain a fair settlement amount for your pain and suffering. Don’t wait. Get a free consultation by calling The Wyoming Advocates today at (307) 240-5317 or speaking with an injury attorney on our Live Chat.