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Wyoming Pedestrian Accidents 101

Wyoming Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Whether you walk to get to work or just for fun, you would rather not worry about your safety. After all, pedestrian accidents in Wyoming can cause serious bodily harm or death. By understanding how many pedestrian accidents occur in the Cowboy State, you can develop a strategy for staying safe on Wyoming’s roadways. One of the best first steps is to hire an experienced pedestrian accident lawyer to represent you.

If you do sustain an injury in a vehicle-pedestrian accident, you need effective legal representation to pursue compensation for your injuries. By working with an experienced pedestrian accident lawyer at The Wyoming Advocates, you understand your legal options. You also have access to the medical treatment and other resources you need to get your health back.

Wyoming Pedestrian Accidents Are More Common Than You Think

Wyoming is a rural state with only about 580,000 residents. Even though the state does not have as many drivers as other places, pedestrian accidents are more common than you may think. In 2016, 99 individuals sustained injuries or died in vehicle-pedestrian collisions. The numbers break down as follows:

  • 99 total accidents
  • 5 fatal accidents
  • 24 accidents with incapacitating injuries
  • 43 accidents with non-incapacitating injuries

The injury and fatality statistics in Wyoming are alarming. You should know, though, that no age group escaped injuries on Wyoming’s roadways. That is, young children, teenagers, adults, and seniors all either sustained injuries or died during pedestrian accidents in Wyoming in 2016, the last year data is available.

You Can Stay Safe on Wyoming’s Roadways

Wyoming’s pedestrian accident statistics are enough to deter anyone from taking a walk. Still, whether you walk for fun or out of necessity, you likely cannot stop walking forever. To avoid being hit by a motor vehicle, you must be careful every time you leave your house or place of business. Here are some simple tips for avoiding a pedestrian accident:

  • Walk confidently and carefully. While Cheyenne, Laramie, Casper, and other major cities have extensive sidewalk systems, some of Wyoming’s towns do not. To stay safe, think about your route before you begin your walk. Try to avoid busy highways, dangerous intersections, and dark roadways.
  • Interact with drivers. When you walk, you cannot only focus on yourself. On the contrary, you must be constantly aware of the actions of motorists. Before crossing a street, try to make eye contact with drivers. If you can get a driver to acknowledge you, you may reduce your chances of sustaining an injury in a pedestrian accident.
  • Dress for safety. Wyoming is notorious for its wind and snow. During inclement weather, you must understand that drivers may have a difficult time seeing you. By wearing high-visibility clothing, you help motorists identify your position.
  • Drink responsibly. Everyone knows that driving under the influence is dangerous. Walking while intoxicated can also put you in jeopardy. That is, alcohol may impair both your judgement and your perception. If you are drunk, wait until the effects of alcohol wear off before heading out for your walk.

With a bit of caution, you can likely decrease your odds of ever needing a pedestrian accident lawyer. If you do sustain an injury, though, you may need to understand how your actions may affect your ability to receive compensation for your injuries. The Wyoming Advocates have experienced lawyers who can discuss your case with you. We are available to assist you seven days a week.

Protecting Yourself During and After an Accident Is Important

Even if you use caution when walking on Wyoming’s roadways, you may not be able to completely eliminate your chances of sustaining an injury in a pedestrian accident. If a driver steers a vehicle into you, you must work diligently to protect yourself during and after the accident.

Seek Medical Attention

The average vehicle in the United States weighs more than 4,000 pounds. You may weigh fewer than 200. If a vehicle runs into you, you may not have much of a chance of avoiding an injury. Even if you think the collision left you unscathed, you may have hidden injuries. You also could develop symptoms weeks or months after the accident. Either way, you must be certain you receive the medical attention you need to recover completely.

Contact the Police

Police officers have the education, training, and experience to conduct accident investigations. They also know how to write comprehensive accident reports. While the driver may prefer you not contact the police, failing to do so may harm your ability to receive compensation for your injuries. Therefore, be sure you alert officers about the accident. Try to call the police as soon as the accident occurs. If your injuries make contacting the police difficult or impossible, ask a witness to alert authorities.

Create Your Own Report

While you can depend on police officers to create a formal record of the accident, the official report may not have all the information a pedestrian accident lawyer needs to represent you. Therefore, try to write down your recollection of how the accident unfolded. If you can, gather the names and contact information of witnesses. Also, take photographs of the accident scene. The report you put together may help supplement the official account of your pedestrian accident.

Asserting Your Legal Rights Helps Secure Compensation

If you have sustained an injury in a pedestrian accident in Wyoming, you should know about the state’s statute of limitations. Fortunately, you have more time to file suit in Wyoming than in many other places. Nevertheless, Wyoming law requires you to file your action within four years of the accident. Remember, determining how the statute of limitations affects your case may depend on a complicated legal analysis. Therefore, you cannot assume that Wyoming law prohibits you from filing suit to seek compensation for your injuries. Talk to a pedestrian accident lawyer at The Wyoming Advocates to better understand when to file your legal claim.

The Pedestrian Accident Lawyer You Hire Matters

Preparing a legal case following a vehicle-pedestrian accident can be challenging. Not only must you comply with a complicated legal framework, but you must also provide extensive documentation about the accident and your injuries.

When you work with a pedestrian accident lawyer at The Wyoming Advocates, you do not have to navigate the process alone. The right lawyer can help you weigh your legal options, calculate damages, negotiate a settlement, and assert your legal rights. If you have sustained an injury in a pedestrian accident, contact us to discuss your case.