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The Advocates Good Samaritan July 2023: Serve Day

The Advocates are committed to recognizing the people and organizations that make our Montana communities great. Each month, we partner with NonStop Local News to celebrate an individual or group who makes a difference in the lives of the people around them. 

For July, that group consists of more than 700 people. They are the members of several churches around Great Falls that all participate in Serve Day.

What Is Serve Day?

Serve Day is an annual event when churches around the world close their doors and go out to serve their communities. On Serve Day Sunday, church members don their work clothes, call organizations around the city to see how they can help, and then they go out and serve.

This July, four different congregations participated in Serve Day. Members of New City Church, Antioch Church, Harvest Springs Community Church, and Victory Church participated in a number of service projects, including raising headstones at Highlands Cemetery.

They also make an effort to serve local aid organizations, like the Rescue Mission and Alliance for Youth. By performing work for these organizations free of charge, Serve Day participants allow these groups to put more of their budgets toward their missions.

If you are interested in getting your congregation involved in Serve Day, speak with your church leader. They can fill out a registration form online. They will then get access to the Serve Day platform, with the resources needed to participate in next year’s event.

The Advocates would like to extend our thanks to the 730 Great Falls church members who participated in Serve Day—you help make Montana a wonderful place to live and work. Thank you for being Good Samaritans in your community!

How Can I Nominate a Good Samaritan?

If you know a person or organization who makes their community a better place by helping others, we want to hear about them! Nominate a Good Samaritan on NonStop Local’s website. If they are chosen, they will be honored with a news story at 5:00 pm on the last Monday of the month.


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