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The Advocates Good Samaritan October 2023: Great Falls Ghostbusters

Every month, The Montana Advocates team up with NonStop Local News to recognize an individual or organization in the area who is committed to bettering their community. This month, we are excited to honor the Great Falls Ghostbusters.

Who Are the Great Falls Ghostbusters?

You’re most likely to see the Ghostbusters around Halloween and Christmastime, when they appear at trunk-or-treats and Toys for Tots drives in the community. They do their best to help contribute to good causes throughout the year, however.

The Ghostbusters are Great Falls citizens who don the iconic jumpsuits from the Ghostbusters movie and help make the community’s day a little brighter.

“We’re just a bunch of super fans who… help out however we can around the community,” said James Bamfield, lead founder of the group.

When they make appearances at trunk-or-treat events, they bring along a teal pumpkin, indicating that all children, including those who can’t have candy due to allergies or other reasons, will find a treat at the Ghostbusters van.

“It really meant a lot to me that we could also include that, because I know… how hard it is to have that extra hurdle. So, it means a lot that we have the allergen friendly candy and then the nonfood options as well. So all the kids have a chance to just enjoy and celebrate and be kids,” said Jade Pray, a founding member of the group. 

They also help collect donations for the Toys for Tots campaign each year. Toys for Tots of Northcentral Montana aims to make sure that no child in Great Falls or the surrounding counties goes without Christmas.

“We love Ghostbusters and we love our community,” said Chris Filipowicz, another founder of the group. “It’s important to contribute. And if everybody does that, it makes the world a better place.”

Nominate a Good Samaritan

If you know a person or group who makes the Great Falls community a wonderful place to live, work, and play, nominate them as a Good Samaritan. Each month, we review the nominees and select one to be honored. The winner will be honored with a news story on the last Monday of the month.

The Advocates are grateful for the Great Falls Ghostbusters for their work in improving the lives of the people around them.