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Pleading Analysis and Recommendations

  • Designed to help the trial team create their most persuasive arguments before a trial judge in a matter of great importance
  • Our study process can accurately and reliably identify the arguments and evidence that will most likely influence the judge favorably for your client
  • Utilizes retired trial judges familiar with the venue and issues
  • The scientific methods used have been perfected over the past 30 years
Why Our Pleading Analysis and Recommendations Are So Helpful

The trial consultants with The Advocates were the first of the national trial consulting firms to offer a reliable process for the study of trial judge and arbitrator decision making in the United States. Our study process has many intricate parts and subtleties that result in obtaining information about how any particular trial judge or arbitrator will respond to prospective or actual pleadings. The Advocates can provide you with useful and dependable ways for persuading the judge or arbitration panel through the use of compelling and powerful pleadings and motions.

Most experienced trial lawyers and corporate counsel are aware of the power that their pleadings and briefs will have in influencing a judge or arbitrator prior to a hearing or trial. It is common for a judge to take the bench and immediately announce that he or she has read the pleadings and briefs and has already made a decision. Even in instances where the judge or arbitrator has read the pleadings and is still willing to listen to oral arguments, the psychological impact of the pleadings and briefs is often apparent.

One of our most important services is a psychological review of the content of actual and proposed motions, responses, and briefs using the services of retired judges, appellate judges, or experienced arbitrators. Our analysis entails neuro-linguistic analysis and other important and helpful aspects of decision making in the case.

A study of this nature would be conducted in similar fashion to a mock bench study and mock appellate panel study. There may or may not be a private mock oral hearing depending upon the circumstances. The pleadings and briefs would be sent to the retired judges along with a questionnaire which inquiries about their mental processes in response to their reading of these documents.

The analysis phase of such a study focuses on the patterns and motivations of thinking, as well as the behaviors and impressions that are apparent from the answers to the questionnaire and impressions collected from a mock oral hearing. We use the data collected from such a study to make recommendations for the enhancement of written pleadings and recommendations for successful oral hearings.

About The Advocates

We are the nation's most experienced and successful team of professional trial consultants and jury consultants. Our firm offers you a powerful array of resources that can insure your best chance to prevail in litigation regardless of the venue or issues involved. We offer you the assistance of more than 40 highly skilled professional people, including 23 jury consultants and trial consultants in 17 office locations in major cities within the United States.

Our reputation over the past 30 years has been built on a solid foundation of helping trial attorneys and corporate counsel like you achieve your goals of reliably and accurately assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your litigation cases and successfully persuading judges, juries and arbitrators in trial and arbitration.

The success of The Advocates can be traced to one principle: We provide creative and reliable solutions to litigation problems that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

We Are Accessible and Convenient

Our professional staff members live near our offices and also work in all venues in the United States. We are accessible to you wherever you live or wherever your litigation takes you. Our offices are located in Atlanta (Georgia), Chicago (Illinois), Dallas (Texas), Denver (Colorado), Fort Worth (Texas), Houston (Texas), Jacksonville (Florida), Los Angeles (California), Miami (Florida), New York (New York), Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), Phoenix (Arizona), San Diego (California), San Francisco (California), Tampa (Florida), Washington (D.C.), and West Palm Beach (Florida).

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