Spate of Crashes Across Idaho Thursday

Thursday saw three separate car crashes throughout Southeast Idaho. Idaho State Police reported that all three crashes occurred within a 5-hour window.

The first crash took place just before 8 a.m. when a semi-truck overturned on Highway 39 not far from American Falls Dam. Power County police said the semi-truck, a 10-wheeler, overturned on the highway. The Sheriff’s office is currently investigating the cause of the crash. Highway 39 was blocked for hours afterwards.

One woman was killed in the crash and the semi truck’s driver was rushed by ambulance to Pocatello, Idaho to be treated at the Portneuf Medical Center. His condition is currently unknown.

The second crash happened just before noon when Cody Olsen, 24, from Utah, sideswiped a semi-truck with his Ford Focus on Interstate 15. Idaho State Police said the crash occurred in Pocatello as Olsen was traveling north along I-15.

After sideswiping the truck, Olsen’s car swerved left directly off the highway and falling onto East Terry Street just beneath an I-15 overpass. Upside down on East Terry Street, Olsen’s Ford Focus then caught fire. Emergency responders had no choice but to extricate from his Focus in order to move him into an ambulance.

Olsen was the only person injured in the crash, and officials said he’s lucky to be alive.

Yet another crash took place on Interstate 15 at around 10 a.m. on Thursday morning. Idaho police said a tractor-trailer spun out of control as it traveled south along I-15 not far from Inkom. No injuries were reported in the crash. However, traffic was delayed along I-15 for several hours as the semi-truck was towed away from the scene of the crash.

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