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3-Car Crash Costs City $10,000 to Replace Bus Shelter

mercedes crashAn Idaho driver was cited for causing a 3-car crash in Boise and destroying a bus shelter, costing the city $10,000 to replace the bus stop. Late Tuesday morning, a driver not only sped through a red light, but hit another car and crashed into a bus shelter.

Luckily, there was no one waiting in the bus stop, police said, but the driver, Eugene Hail, 83, in his Mercedes-Benz, did strike an SUV heading west on Overland Road.

While the driver of the Mercedes, Hail, came to a stop on the side of the road, the SUV spun out, hitting another car. The passenger side of the SUV struck a Buick that was also driving west on Overland Road.

The driver of the SUV suffered the most injuries after being in a 3-car crash. Police later reported that he was the only one taken to the hospital.

Transit officials approximated that the cost of the destroyed bus shelter will cost around $10,000 to fix and reinstall.

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