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4-Car Crash Occurs near Wyoming Medical Center

Late Monday afternoon, four vehicles were involved in a pileup near Wyoming Medical Center in downtown Casper. Local police state the accident occurred just before 6 p.m. at the intersection of Second and Conwell right across from Conwell Park and the medical center.

While investigation is still underway, The Casper Police Department were the first respondents to the scene of the crash. Casper Police Sergeant, Sara Nelson, made a statement that one of the vehicles was apparently traveling west on Second Street before crashing into another car at the intersection of Conwell and Second.

The first car initially blew through the intersection, causing a four-car chain reaction. One of the latter cars was hit and even flew across Second Street, coming to rest in Conwell Park under a lit-up Christmas tree.

The number of passengers injured and taken to the hospital is still unknown.

Glass and other car debris were left scattered across the intersection of Second and Conwell. Both lanes on Second Street were closed during evening rush hour.

Thankfully, emergency respondents didn’t have to transport the accident victims too far, since Wyoming Medical Center was located right across the street.

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