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70-Year-Old Ammon Woman Hit at Crosswalk

A 70-year-old woman suffered serious injuries after getting hit by a car Wednesday afternoon in Ammon, Idaho. According to Bonneville County Police, the local Ammon woman was found in critical condition before she was rushed to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center.

The elderly woman was in the midst of crossing the intersection at 17th Street and Curlew Drive when the driver apparently didn’t see her and struck the side of her body.

The names of the Ammon woman who was hit and the 36-year-old driver, a resident from Idaho Falls, have not yet been released to the public.

Bonneville County Sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. Bryan Lovell said that the elderly woman’s injuries are non-life threatening at this time. But, the driver of the vehicle is potentially facing charges for not only hitting a pedestrian at the intersection but for failing to follow crosswalk guidelines.

The accident is still being investigated by local authorities.

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