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9-Car Crash on I-80 Sends 4 to the Hospital

A 9-car crash sent four injured victims to the hospital in Saturday night’s collision. According to Uinta County Fire and Ambulance, the accident occurred around 9:30 p.m. near milepost 48 on westbound I-80.

The road surface at the time of the crash was extremely icy.

The emergency response crew included five fire trucks and three ambulances.

Six of the vehicles involved in the crash were commercial semi trucks, one including a FedEx shipment truck. Two were passenger vehicles and a moving van was also involved in the 9-car crash.

Seven people were evacuated on scene and four were transported to Evanston Regional Hospital.

Traffic was diverted off of exit 48 for several hours while accident investigators assessed the cause of the pileup.

A 9-car crash can be traumatic for everyone involved. It’s important to remember just how dangerous driving in the winter can be. Keep an eye out for ice and drive as safely as possible.

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