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Fiery Crash Shuts Down Highway 26

A fiery crash closed down Highway 26 for several hours Thursday night just east of Ririe, Idaho. The accident took place near the US Highway 353-mile marker just after 7 p.m. Several people were reported to have been injured in the crash.

Idaho State Police reported that a woman from Jackson, Wyoming, identified as Lisa Fowler, 49, was driving east along Highway 26 when she suddenly veered into oncoming traffic and collided head-on with a BMW traveling in the opposite direction. The BMW was being driven at the time by Donkguo Zhou, a Canadian man from British Columbia.

The BMW almost instantly burst into flames after the crash. All of the BMW’s passengers exited the vehicle shortly after the crash. Two fire responders, the Central Fire District and the Idaho Falls Fire Department arrived and put out the flaming vehicle.

Fowler and one of Zhou’s passengers were rushed to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center, while two other BMW passengers were flown by an emergency helicopter.

A number of passengers in Zhou’s BMW are reported to have been minors. Luckily, everyone involved in the crash was wearing a seat belt at the time of the collison.

Idaho State Police are currently investigating the circumstances around the crash.

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